The professional cleansing formula, based on the combination of Aquaporin LPD* complex, AHA-acids, proteins and essential natural components, deeply moisturizes, soothes and tones up the skin, providing a pore-reducing effect.
The unique Aquaporin LPD* complex penetrates and moisturizes the skin, creates an invisible «micromembrane», prevents dehydration and dryness. The toner has a pH similar to the physiological pH of the human skin, and is suitable for cleansing the face, lips, as well as for the delicate and sensitive eye area.
Salicornia extract and aloe vera juice restore and maintain optimal hydrobalance, allow moisture to accumulate in the skin. The complex of AHA-acids and proteins provides a light pore-reducing effect, evens out the skin texture, improves a complexion. Soybean isoflavones, ginger, rosemary and nicotinamide strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, providing a general preventive effect.

*Aquaporin LPD is a complex of plant-based aquaporins, encapsulated in the liposomal membrane. It transports water and glycerin, maintaining the skin natural hydrobalance, improves elasticity and protective barrier of the skin, prevents photoageing, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The liposomal membrane protects aquaporins from environmental damage and improves their bioavailability.

Volume: 250 ml.

Made in Ukraine