The sisters Anna Kravchenko and Elena Kurchina are ideological inspirers and founders of the ELAN brand, as well as:
• founders of the beauty salon chain «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» (
– «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» Beauty Bar (1-A Sportyvna Sq., Gulliver Trading & Entertainment Center, 2nd floor, Kyiv);
– «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» Beauty Salon (4 Kovpak St., Kyiv);
– «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» Beauty Concept (17 M. Dragomyrov St., Novopecherski Lypky RC, Kyiv)
• founders of the Beauty Salon Business Academy «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» – the new format institution in the beauty industry (;
• editors-in-chief of the brand beauty magazine «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» (;
• founders of the International Association of Brow Artists (

ELAN professional line is created by professional make-up artists for make-up artists!
The first product created by the already well-known ELAN brand was the eyebrow gel tint. At that time Elena Kurchina and Anna Kravchenko set up the first brow bar in Ukraine, desiring to work with high-quality certified cosmetic products. They have developed the tint formula a whole year, focusing particularly on the professional brow artists’ needs. The brand name ELAN, which means ELena and ANna, was chosen at once. Now the product line of the brand is being constantly expanded with various cosmetic products such as the eyebrow gel, mascara, professional eyebrow tweezers, make-up pouches and others.

All decorative cosmetic products are made in the European Union according to EU Cosmetic Products Regulation. Elena and Anna call the development of their ever-growing company progressive. Initially, their task was to create the product range related to the eyebrow shaping and tinting services: the eyebrow gel tint, eyebrow pencils and brushes, eyebrow tweezers and scissors, eyebrow gel, and, finally, mascara. But the sisters are not used to rest on their laurels, and now they are developing the «ideal» foundation and concealer, which will be easy to work with. Later Elena and Anna plan to present the highlighter, cheekbone corrector and cream eyeshadows – the best-selling and the most popular beauty products.

The professional credo and motto of Elena Kurchina and Anna Kravchenko is:
«Our mission is not only to sell, but also to teach, therefore we always share knowledge and welcome foreign students in the Beauty Salon Business Academy»