The sisters Anna Kravchenko and Elena Kurchina are ideological inspirers and implementators of the ELAN trademark:
• founders of the “Ruki-Nozhnitsi” network of conceptual beauty salons (ruki-nozhnitsi.com.ua):
— “Ruki-Nozhnitsi” Beauty Bar (1, Sportyvna Square, Gulliver shopping & leisure center, 2nd floor, Kyiv);
— “Ruki-Nozhnitsi” beauty salon (4, Kovpak St., Kyiv);
— “Ruki-Nozhnitsi” Beauty Concept (17, M. Dragomirov St., “Novopecherskiye Lipki” RC, Kyiv)
• founders of the “Ruki-Nozhnitsi” Career Academy of Salon Business— a new format institution in the beauty-industry (primaacademia.com);
• chief editors of the branded “Ruki-Nozhnitsi” magazine (http://ruki-nozhnitsi.com.ua/zhurnal-ruki-nozhnicy);
• founders of the International Brow Artists Association (browartist.com.ua).

The ELAN professional line brand has been created by professional make-up  artists for make-up artists!

The eyebrow tint became the first product of the already well-known ELAN brand. Elena Kurchina and Anna Kravchenko have at that time opened the first brow bar in Ukraine, and they really wanted to work with high-quality certified products. They have been developing the tint composition for the whole year focusing first of all on professional brow artists. The brand name was picked at once: ELAN which means ELena and ANna. And now, the brand product line is complemented with many products (eyebrow gel, mascara, professional tweezers for eyebrows, cosmetics bags) and it expands constantly.

All the decorative cosmetics are made in the European Union according to the certification norms for cosmetic products. Elena and Anna call the development of their constantly expanding company progressive. Initially, their task was to completely cover the range related to eyebrow shaping and tinting: eyebrow gel-tint, eyebrow pencils, brushes, tweezers, and scissors for eyebrows, eyebrow gel — and then mascara. But the sisters are not used to stop, and now the work on the ‘ideal’ foundation and concealer — ideal exactly from the point of view of working with the client — is in progress at full speed; a highlighter, a cheekbone corrector, cream eyeshadows and lip pencils — the best-selling and the highest demanded products to work with — are the next to be released.

“Our mission is not only to sell but also to teach, therefore we always share knowledge and always welcome foreign students in the Academy of salon business career” — this is the professional credo and the motto of Elena Kurchina and Anna Kravchenko.