The bright and stylish bag is an ideal option for any make-up artist. Portable and convenient to use, it has seven capacious pockets, a shoulder strap and is very light-weight. The bag is made from the dense high-quality material resistant to make-up stains.


Sharpener for cosmetic pencils

ELAN professional line pencil sharpener is the ideal assistant to any brow or make-up artist. The sharpener distinguishes by an easy-to-use construction which perfectly suits any pencils of the standard diameter. Sharpener blades are made of high carbon stainless steel which keeps its properties for a long time and is especially durable. During sharpening, pencils do not delaminate, their texture does not deteriorate and the removable container helps to save time in the process of work with a client.

Коврик для мытья кистей Elan.

ELAN brush cleansing pad

The ELAN professional line cleansing pad for make-up brushes is an innovative beauty gadget.
— easy to use;
— conveniently fits into the hand;
— saves time when washing brushes;
— 2 surface types on one pad — the one for eyebrow brushes, the other for make-up brushes;
— the surface does not damage brush bristles.


ELAN #mini make-up pouch

ELAN professional line make-up pouch is made of transparent PVC material. Combining practicality and tidiness, it will quickly take the place of an indispensable attribute in your bag. All the content of the cosmetic case are perfectly visible thanks to a convenient zipper sewn from one end to the other.

The pouch material is characterized by chemical resistance to alkalis, mineral oils, many acids, and solvents.

Material: PVC – 90%
Dimensions: 25.5*7*6 cm


ELAN #maxi make-up pouch

ELAN professional line make-up pouch made of the transparent high-quality PVC material is the best solution for a make-up artist! The transparent PVC does not absorb moisture, characterizes by chemical resistance to alkalis, it surface dries fast. Its convenient fabric handle enables carrying it in the hands, and the practical rectangular shape makes it possible to fit all necessary beauty products in it.

Material: PVC – 90%
Dimensions: 27.5*11.5*12.5 cm

Силиконовый спонж для макияжа IQ Sponge Elan

ELAN IQ Sponge silicone make-up sponge

Make-up sponge is made of highly elastic silicone. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it is convenient for applying foundation to the face. The material is hypoallergenic and hygienic to use, thanks to the possibility of cleaning it using foaming cleansers and disinfectants. Reusable product. Silicone sponge for foundation application means hygienicity, hypoallergenicity, and comfort.